Rising from the Ashes, and Blooming along the way.

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First of all, if you are here. THANK YOU. The support we have received has been amazing. This is as real as it gets here guys. The good, the bad, the beautiful. The tears. The happiness. The joy. The heartbreak. The memories. The visions. We built our dream home, and then it was destroyed in a fire. We are rebuilding, prevailing, moving forward with positivity and faith, and hoping to inspire along the way.

I'm Kenzie Dew

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11:30PM, August 23rd, 2020, was the day my life changed forever. I changed forever. My family changed. For the better. Even through a tragedy. It’s everyone’s worse nightmare. It’s literally one of those things you legitimately think, “that will never happen to me.” Well it did. It happened. My family is safe. The animals are safe. We are shattered. But at the end of the day, we’ve learned things are just things. It could have been so much worse. We are so blessed. And we are telling our story.


We lost everything we had

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As we navigate this trial, we will rise from the ashes and rebuild. I would love to work with you and have you be part of our journey and story! I am excitedly accepting new collaborations for the rebuild of our home. Building Barnwood Farmhouse 2.0 is the hope and joy keeping us going. Please reach out if you’d like to be part of the process.

Round Two

Building Barnwood Farmhouse

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