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Home Decor | April, 2019


Guys. You ready for my very first blog post?? Here we go! It’s an exciting one, too. I recently had an amazing opportunity to enter a contest, to become a collaborator with the lovely Purple Rose Home. My very first collab. Does this mean I can actually call myself an “Influencer”?? I still can’t call myself that. Maybe some day I’ll come to terms. It’s been a goal of mine for a while.. Is this the road ahead for me, and may I actually be successful? Another blog post for another day I suppose.

I was just starting to grow my home decor account, and had to have at least 1,000 followers. I honestly thought it was a long shot. But guess what, I was one of the lucky ladies who were chosen by the amazing Kim and Vic, to represent their brand. I honestly remember stalking my phone the entire day for when they would announce. Stalking religiously. And I vividly remember standing in my laundry room when I saw my account was tagged in their stories. Which could only mean one thing, I was chosen! I literally jumped up and down. One of those knees- pulled-to -your -chest jumps! And I’m pretty sure I was holding my baby, too… Ha! Sorry Harvs.

I was so dang excited because I love their brand. I love their products. And I was thrilled I was able to work with them. I cannot say enough about them and their company. And that’s not even talking about the home decor. I drool every single time I scroll their website. Just go ahead and look for yourself. I promise you’ll find something you LOVE. Every single item they have is just GORGEOUS.

The products they sent me, of course, are to die for. They sent me the Pebble Eucalyptus Stem, the Pebble Eucalyptus Mini Wreath, and my very fav, the Firefly Chain Lights.

The Eucalyptus Stem is SO full. Probably the most beautiful and full stem I have in my home, and have ever seen for the price. Guys, this isn’t your typical flimsy stem. It’s full and thick and gorgeous. Such amazing quality. And the price is fantastic. There are so many ways to style this stunning piece.



The Eucalyptus Mini Wreath is such a diverse piece as well. So many fun options with this wreath. From hanging on the wall, to adding to a centerpiece. It’s just beautiful.



Now the Firefly Lights. Just so much beauty. Picture, back country roads, with crickets singing in the background, and these gorgeous lights hanging above. They are battery operated, which is so perfect when you don’t have an outlet nearby. They are beautiful, and the cork top just adds that perfect touch.



I was so excited to get them styled in my home. And I knew the perfect place. We are currently working on a faux fireplace for our master bedroom, which I will do a blog post once we are done, but it was the perfect place to start.

Here is how I styled the stunning pieces in my own home.



Just please do me a favor, and yourself a favor, and your home a favor, and go check out Purple Rose Home. Go see their Instagram, go scroll their website. I promise you’ll find something! I cannot get enough of their beautiful decor. You will be just as drooly as I am by the time you are done. I promise. I’m going to leave you here with some of my fav goodies on their site. Enjoy.

And this isn’t even close to the amazing selection of home decor they have. What ya waitin’ for? Go!! 🙂

And also Kim and Vic, thank you, thank you, thank you. You believed in us. You gave us this amazing opportunity, you are such genuine, amazing ladies. And I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with you.



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