Do you have a product you would like featured? I’d love to work with you! I have a very loyal tribe of followers who I adore as dear friends. Having their trust is extremely important to me, so I only share products I would use myself, and love! My favorite way to showcase products are on my Instagram stories. We have a blast and I love to interact with my followers! I can make it personal and share with them in a face to face way, with examples and details about the product. I also share to my Instagram feed, I can create a Pinterest pin, and of course, share here on my Barnwood Farmhouse blog where I can really give a detailed feature.

Social Media has been the most fun and rewarding career to date! I would love the opportunity to work together and create a successful partnership with you!

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As we navigate this trial, we will rise from the ashes and rebuild. I would love to work with you and have you be part of our journey and story! I am excitedly accepting new collaborations for the rebuild of our home. Building Barnwood Farmhouse 2.0 is the hope and joy keeping us going. Please reach out if you’d like to be part of the process.

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