Review of our new Naturepedic EOS Mattress

Collaborations, Home Decor | February, 2020

Hey friends! Hey I’m back to blogging! I would really like to make more of an effort to start blogging more. I love to use my words and just let it all out. So here is one of many more to come! 

This is a review of our new dreamy mattress from Naturepedic. This is in exchange for free product, but  I only partner or promote brands and products that I believe in or have tried myself. I always promise, now and forever! 

Have you guys heard of that thing called sleep? As a mom of 4 I can’t quite pin down the definition, but I hear it’s pretty magical. And important. And a myth…


But why not make it as best as it can be? And that’s what happened the moment we laid down on our new Naturepedic EOS mattress. Magical. Dreamy. Cloud-Like. 



 I wanted to make sure it was as good as it seemed! And it is! We’ve been sleeping on our new Naturepedic EOS mattress for over two months now and I can tell you personally, IT IS AMAZING. Joey’s back was always hurting, he works on cars all day and is always bent in weird positions. And our old, hard mattress wasn’t helping at all. Since sleeping on our new Naturepedic, he hasn’t had any problems. Guys, HE CAN SLEEP NOW. Much more restful sleep. Can you believe how much your mattress effects your body! It’s honestly insane. He has been so much better and not in any pain. I would have done this switch so much sooner had I known! I literally could shout on the rooftops how amazing this mattress has been! I cannot pull myself out of bed in the morning half the time. Finally!

This mattress is also completely ORGANIC! They are one of the few independently certified organic mattress manufacturers in the US. They can even trace the mattress materials back to their origin to confirm their purity. No more sleeping on harsh chemicals! 

Also, we got to choose our separate comfort levels. Each side is different. So you if you and your significant other have different levels of comfort, no problem! And they have a free 90 day top comfort layer swap program so you can find your ideal comfort layer. .

We also have two pillows, and I love them because you can change the level of cushion by taking out some of the insides to your desired fullness!


If you are looking for a new mattress. Be sure to check out the Naturepedic EOS. It’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. 

Be sure to use code SWEETDREAMS for free ground shipping!


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