Master Bedroom Faux Fireplace Tutorial

DIY, Home Decor | May, 2019


Hey everyone! We finally finished our faux brick fireplace in our master bedroom and I’m so excited to show you how we did it. It was so simple and stayed under budget!

We really lucked out with the actual mantle piece. My husband was browsing the Facebook classified ads one day and saw it. The lady sold it to us for $100. We could have probably built it for cheaper yes, but honestly, we are so busy with our 4 kids and time is valuable for one thing, and for two, I don’t think I could replicate this mantle. The lady who built it did a fantastic job. From the details, to the color of paint and white wash. So it was worth it to us. Plus it’s honestly huge!

Here it is standing up against the wall after we brought it home. And I knew I was in love!


The color could not have been more perfect. It’s like it was built for this room.

Upon securing it to the wall, we hit a little snag. Do you see that GINORMOUS air return vent? Yep, how could you miss it. We were going through options of what to do, and finally decided to cut out a notch in the back of the mantle leg, right where the vent would sit. That way we could still have it sit flush to the wall. And I plan on putting a basket in front of the vent anyway, so it’s okay.

Next up was the main step, the faux brick.


This was the piece that I bought from Home Depot. And it was plenty. It was $32.00 for a 4’ x 8’. Huge. Like so big that when I took my SUV, trying to help save my hubs from a trip, and it didn’t fit, and he ended up having to go back for it with his truck anyway. Hey, at least I tried right?

We didn’t even use a big chunk of it, and were able to save it for future projects. Yesssssssssss.


Next up was measuring and cutting. My husband used a Miter Saw for the cuts. He actually just lifted the board up with the car hoist in our garage. Smart guy.



Daddy had the best help around.

After the cuts were made, he just used a nail gun to secure them to the wall, and then filled in the gaps with wood putty, and sanded down.


And I mean… that was it! Super simple and inexpensive.

You could paint it anyway you like, next time we do this, I’d like to try a white wash technique. But for my bedroom, I was just looking for a simple white.

This is what I used to paint.


I painted for maybe 20 minutes? It was so fast. And I only did one main coat, and then went over it lightly in different spots to make it look textured and not perfect.


Anddddddd BAM! Finished!


it’s okay, I drooled a little too.

So next of course was styling. I ordered a handful of things from Hobby Lobby. You know how they always have a couple sections on 50% off and they rotate them? Well it just so happened that everything I wanted was in the “Spring Shop” and on sale. Pound it sista. And then the one big item that wasn’t, I used their 40% off coupon that is always on their website! Bam. That’s how we do it.

The rest of the decor I already had, but will add links also.

Take a gander at the finished product..

I’m going to do my VERY VERY best to link everything. If you don’t see a link, it’s because it’s something I had around the house. But again full disclosure! I don’t have all the links. I will try my best to link products. I hope this helps you. And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to email me, or message me on Instagram! I’m here to help. Thanks guys! XOXO

Just click on the links here:

  1. Lauren says:

    This is amazing thank you Kenzi! Seems really easy and affordable, hopefully I can talk my husband into doing it soon! And I’m def buying that mirror so cute 😍😍

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