Barnwood Farmhouse Fall Decor 2019

Home Decor | October, 2019

Hello my friends. And Happy Halloween! I’m so sorry this is coming to you on the day of, and not the month prior, but at least we can reference back to it next year. I promise I will do better for the holidays nice and early, so you can get some ideas for your own home. That’s what I love about this gig. I truly love helping give inspiration to make your house a HOME. Nice and cozy. And loved. I’m not going to make this a novel post. I’m a tired mama. I’ll be real, Harvey is teething his little molars and he’s been up at night a lot lately. He needs me. And well, I’m running low, and it’s almost midnight. I’m not going to link things at this time. The season is almost over, and to be honest I don’t even know what is all still left. But I will tell you where I got some items, and of course collaborations. And please if there is an item you really are curious about and I haven’t mentioned where it came from, please feel free to DM me on my Instagram anytime!

So here we go..

Let’s start with the front porch. The welcoming area. The place where everyone sees first. I wanted it to feel nice and cozy. With warm wood touches and pumpkins galore. I always have corn stalks. Always. I just love them. And luckily we get them from our neighbor after they’ve harvested their corn. Love it! I added the firewood as a fun little touch. To be honest, my front porch is one of my favorite places to decorate. I have a DIY tutorial saved on my Instagram highlights for that wreath on the door. It was so easy and fun to make.

My door color is Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore. I get asked that quite often. It took me forever to choose a door color, but I’ve been SO happy with it!






Next we have the entryway. I loved how it came together this year. So fun. I leave that vintage window up all year long, and just decorate around it you could say. I switch out the faux flowers per season, and this year I did wheat and cotton stems. Always a fall staple. I threw on the fabric pumpkins for texture.

Also, my husband made this entry table for me. and I love it! We seriously need to make another one and do a DIY tutorial for you, because it really wasn’t too hard.

I do want to mention, the Happy Fall sign was made by a Becca at Charming Willows, and was part of my Burlap Bundles box this month, along with the wood vase with the sunflower, among other items.

That large metal Fall sign is from my friends at Little Big Things.





Now moving onto the living room, I absolutely had to do the paper bats again. They are honestly the cheapest decor piece that make the biggest impact. I think they were about 8 bucks off of Amazon. So easy!

I added a couple signs onto my kids’ kitchen. I changed out the wreaths on the mirrors on each side of the fireplace. They are from Walmart. I added the banner and the lighted black garland onto the mantle. I always love garlands and banners on my mantle! And of course we have to have some more pumpkins.

The beautiful Trick or Treat sign is from my friend Ginger at Teal Barn Signs. The small wood pumpkins framed sign is interchangeable and amazing and from Erica at Erica Dixon Designs. And those darling knitted pillows are from my girl Amanda at Kozy Knit Designs.





For our couch I added my favorite Halloween pillows from Three Little Mamas. And a rust colored throw for color from Target. And in the background you can see the trick or treat banner on the sliding door and the wheat grass on the kitchen table. Those ivory placemats came in one of my Burlap Bundles subscription boxes. Also, yes Monroe is asleep on the couch. Probably my fav picture in this blog post.




Moving onto the kitchen I added a few little touches here and there, not too much. I also made sure my tiered tray was ready for fall as well. My favorite decor piece in this room by far is Monroe’s bat on the fridge she proudly brought home from preschool. And we almost completed our whole bucket list for October. Not quite though. Next year!






Not too much in my bedroom, just this fall banner I got from Target.


And I really love the little signs I added to my entry way from the garage! It’s just the little touches.




Alrighty sweet friends. That’s it for my short and sweet fall decor blog post. Next year I’ll be more prepared ahead of time. Please please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram. Shoot me a DM with any question you may have, and I will do my best to answer.

Thank you so much for even being here! I do this for you guys!

I have some BIG plans for Christmas this year! I’m so so excited soooo stay tuned!


Have a happy and safe Halloween loves! I’ll be out casting some spells!


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