DIY Farmhouse Pantry Makeover

DIY, Home Decor | August, 2019


Guys! It’s been far too long since I’ve written a blog post. Man life gets crazy. I’m a momma of 4 and summers kick my booty.. I love it though. So much. I’m honestly so sad to think the school year is right around the corner. My two oldest help me so much with my two babes! Ah! They are the best.

Okay let’s get to why you’re here. My PANTRY. It was so much fun to redo. Our pantry isn’t huge, just your typical builder grade pantry. But we added some farmhouse character to it and also some extra room with the shelving. I’ll show you ya what we did! I’m in love!

I don’t even want to show you the before picture.. it’s pretty scary. Again it’s summer, and all of my kids are home, and we had been just in the habit of grabbing and throwing things in a hurry, with no rhyme or reason to where anything is. And full disclosure… I found THREE opened boxes of vanilla wafers. My husband’s pet peeve. Haha! I need to do my fridge next.. But here is the before. Shield your eyes, it’s scary! Real life people, real life.


Okay now that you’ve seen how we’ve been living the past.. oh year.. let’s get talking about my refresh. So if you follow along with me on Instagram, you know we’ve been working our butts off on our front yard. We are doing everything ourselves to save money. So it’s been quite the project. So I wanted to do something inside that I didn’t need my hubs for since he is focused on the yard at the moment. Our pantry has been needing it anyway.

I started by taking everything out and applying the wallpaper. I chose the White Brick Peel and Stick Wallpaper from Roomates Decor. It was SO fast and easy to apply. I absolutely recommend their wallpapers! I’ve never been a wallpaper gal, but after using their product I am now!

I just measured and cut sections, there may be a couple sections I couldn’t match up perfectly since the pantry was such an awkward space with the shelving, but you can’t really tell!



Now this part, we debated on for a long time. Do we add the shelving or not? We finally decided to go for it and I’m so glad we did. It added more storage space because we extended the sides. And you guys know how much we love this wood from Home Depot! We have it everywhere in our home! We just used a nail gun to attach it onto the existing shelves, and like I said, extended the sides a bit. Ahhhh barn wood. I couldn’t find the link, but our local store had wider slabs in stock, so we used them!

Next I just organized all of our food. I used these cereal containers from Walmart. And they are $4! Can’t beat that. I do have a confession though and I’ll be honest about it. I didn’t like the turquoise tops so I actually spray painted them. uhhhh maybe not the healthiest thing? But I’ve been keeping our cereal inside the clear bags and putting the whole bag in the container. But still I think down the road I’ll invest in some new ones.

I used these containers from Ikea. I used this one for my spaghetti. I got a bunch of these for snacks. And a bunch of these for fruit snacks and granola bars, and anything we wanted. You can see in my pictures how we organized them. And now that I’m sitting at the computer to write this post, there are a TON more options online than what I saw in store darnit! That’s okay though! Good for you guys when you want to look!

I can’t find the link online anymore, but my galvanized bins are from Walmart.

My darling Bread Box is from Amazon. And it comes in three different colors! So cute!

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 3.51.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 3.53.04 PM.png

I wanted to add a cute light for looks, even though we don’t have a hookup for it. I got this one on amazon. Our pantry is bright enough, but maybe down the road we will add electrical to it.

Now my final and favorite touch were my labels I got from The Talented Kitchen. She has tons of different fonts and food items, and they are on Amazon! YES. These are my labels.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 3.57.03 PM.png

Look at the final reveal at how different and fresh and ORGANIZED it looks! It’s honestly like a breath of fresh air! My kids love it because they know where everything is, and I’m in love because I know how much of everything we have! And plus it’s not too hard on the eyes.

If you are thinking of refreshing your pantry, do it! It’s so worth it! I promise. Nothing is better than some good ole’ organization.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thank you so much for stopping by.







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