Roof Demolition

Rebuild Updates | January, 2021

My first blog post on my new blog! I wish it was all about the new house and rebuild, but that post will come!

Never in a million years did I think we’d be demo-ing our home we designed and built just three years ago. But that’s 2020 for ya I swear! We are making progress. Slow progress because we are doing it ourselves to save money to go towards our rebuild. But… progress. We rented some equipment and took the roof off. All thanks to some very handy angels who came and volunteered to help us. Including our new builder. Free. As a friend. I think we chose a good one this time around.. Next up this weekend is to tear the sheetrock and wiring down. And if we get around to it, the flooring. We are getting there…

Oddly enough, we are burning the old trusses. It’s saving on dumpster costs. A few months ago the smell and sound of fire would have given me the worst PTSD EVER. It’s proof time and hope can heal.

As far as the rebuild goes, we are currently waiting on the county to approve our plans/ new addition. We need to get our septic tank moved in the back, because the wall we are pushing out is going to be ontop of the current one. We need to excavate and pour new footings. Stay tuned! I’ll be blogging the entire process! Thank you for being here and following along!

I’ll leave you with some demo photos.. You have know idea how odd it is to see the sky from inside your house. And then it snows, and there’s snow INSIDE your bedroom, your kitchen, on the carpet going downstairs. So so odd.

To see more fire photos click HERE.

Demo has been healing and also heartbreaking. It’s so hard to explain. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. Some days I sit and cry my eyes out. Seeing the memories ripped away. Some days I just want to get it done so we can move on and look forward to the new home and future. I miss this home. Sometimes I still dream about it. I will always and forever cherish every memory made inside.

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