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Health | May, 2021

If you’ve seen my previous blog post where I talked about my battle with anxiety, you know I do in fact battle it. Ugh. It’s the worst, too. So know you aren’t alone. I feel like it’s one of those things that you’ll never really fully cure, but can absolutely find ways to tone down. To keep it from completely taking over your life. But that’s the thing – is you have to try and fight it. Otherwise it will consume you. I’ve been there!

With everything we’ve got going on – I found myself in those long, depressing, deep of winter blues in the trailer. I think it was probably mid February. It was rough. I was taking Tylenol PM every single night to just get the day over with so I could sleep, and then I’d be groggy every morning, so I’d have to battle it with tons of caffeine. Guys it was sad. It wasn’t healthy. I was eating like crap. I was ornery and depressed. Super irritable. Didn’t want to do anything. Wasn’t even looking forward to the home build. It was rough. It was a dark place I know I needed to get myself out of. I made it a point to focus on all the things that lifted my mood. And here are some of them… in no particular order.. in hopes to help one of you:

One of the more important ways I realized at the beginning, was to hang out with, or surround yourself with, POSITIVE PEOPLE- people who bring you joy – people you enjoy being around. Not just people you tolerate – I mean people you really LOVE to be around. Who bring out the fun and best in you. You’d be surprised at what a significance this makes in your life! When I’m with my friends and family who I enjoy and love to be around, I’m my happiest self! It gets your mind off your troubles. I absolutely love having conversations with my neighbors who I adore, chilling with the moms on my son’s baseball team, and of course close friends for example. Anyone I can truly be myself around. It’s such a good release! It’s hard when you’re not in the mood, but I promise doing it will completely turn your mood around! Peace out anxiety.

Getting things checked off my TO-DO LIST. Umm hello anxiety avalanche! Nothing gets me anxious and stressed like staring at my to – do list and waving at it as I walk by. Blah. No one wants to actually start the to do list – but once you start checking those boxes here and there, it’s such a relief! I have planner – mine is a Start Planner, but it’s made the world of difference. Even just one hard thing a morning – do it, get it over with, and get it checked off. It honestly helps.

Next up is EXERCISE. But I’m literally the worst at this one. Just ask my neighbor who I continuously bail on. I never have motivation to workout. But when I do, it does help! Even just going for a walk. Which brings on another idea – being out in nature! Turn the electronics off for a bit and just GO OUTSIDE. Listen to the noises, smell the smells. Just be present. I love going to the mountains for this. Literally just unplugging and sitting there. It’s so good for the soul. I also find sitting out with my farm animals is so good for me. They love me no matter what. They don’t care if I smell like chicken poop or have hay in my hair. They love me for me. The most pure love, and it feels so good to be around that innocence! I adore them. They make me happy. I love getting my mind off the world by being outside and being with my animals.

Next is GET READY FOR THE DAY. Put makeup on. Lipstick. Wear a cute outfit. Do your hair. Put on yummy lotion. Add some extra jewelry. Whiten your teeth! Anything to make you feel better about yourself is HUGE. That extra bit of confidence- even though materialistic – can help significantly. Buy the shoes if you must!

SELF CARE. Alone time. Can I say that again? ALONE TIME. Maybe you are a mom who has kids that need you.. but guess what – if you are irritable and can’t handle it at the moment because you are overwhelmed and never get a break, are you going to be the mom they need? Or are you going to have zero patience? It’s like taking the oxygen first on a plane before you hand it to your kid. You need to make sure you are OKAY! Take a long bath, go get a pedicure, go get your hair done, just get a break. Do something for you!

This one is probably my favorite. JAM OUT TO MUSIC. Anything! Old. New. Who cares. Whatever you like! Whatever is going to give you the urge to dance in the kitchen or have a concert in your car! That kind of music! BLAST IT! Sing and dance and don’t care if anyone else hates that music. If you like it – jam it. It brings back good memories! Mine is punk rock. Some good old Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, SUM 41, or even the new Machine Gun Kelly album. Put on your headphones or AirPods and just have fun. Music is so good for the soul.

EAT HEALTHY!!! I notice a huge change in my mood when I take care of myself. Less caffeine. More water. More fruits and veggies, less crap. Of course treat yourself. We all need some yummy food! But don’t let the yucky food consume you. It makes me feel like crap when I do. I get anxiety about not eating healthy, on top of it physically making me feel yucky.

A huge one for me is SMELL. All I have to do is smell a familiar smell and I’m taken back. Did you know smells have been linked to memories? Not only that, but if my house, car, or currently trailer living smells good, it absolutely helps my mood. I love candles. I love yummy lotions. And I love my plug in wallflowers from Bath and Body Works. I’ve recently discovered the Moji too. So good! I love finding new scents and falling in love with them. Goodbye anxiety.

This one is so hypocritical of me – considering the fact that I’m on Instagram. But TAKE A SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK. Nothing stresses me out – fills me with anxiety, or gets me down more than when I’m stuck scrolling and looking at how perfect and amazing everyone is. Get off the phone and count your own blessings, and be present in YOUR life! You are not them!! They are not YOU! Everyone is going through something. And I guarantee you have just as many things to be grateful for as the person your comparing yourself to. Promise. Everyone has secrets. Trials – doubts – whatever.

FIND A HOBBY you genuinely enjoy doing. Not one that a social media influencer does and you want to try – not something your friend does. Something YOU want to do. It doesn’t matter what – everyone has so many different talents and entertainments. Find one, where you can take a break from the world and worries and go do.

Of course – like myself – don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed or stubborn if you need to see a doctor. I’m on a low dose of anxiety medication. I’m still the same exact person. But actually in a better way. I have more patience, I can analyze a situation first before I freak out, and I’m just in a better mood. It’s okay! Mental health is so important in our lives.

Lastly, I asked you all on my Instagram to let me know some more ideas that you do to help boost your mood or fight anxiety. Here are some things you said:

SUNSHINE!! How did I forget this one. Holt crap sunshine helps me so much.

Sooo many said listen to music! Some said to go get their fav soda and blast music in the car. Some said go on a walk and listen to music.

Essential oils! I forgot this one too! These do help me. I love me a good lavender in the diffuser.

Fresh air


Meditate, scripture study, gratitude—- SO GOOD!

Cooking or cleaning helps shift focus for some of you.

Gardening – good one!

Steam showers with Eucalyptus- yum.

Some said acupuncture! I’ve never tried…


Having something to look forward to – yes!

Journaling – I need to try this. sometimes I feel like my Instagram is kind of a journal though. It does help me heal.

Sun and exercise!

Soo good guys. I hope we can help each other. That’s another thing – you never ever know what another person is going through. Never judge. Always be kind. And take care of yourself!!

With all my love, XOXO

– Kenz

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